POLYMERS CROSS-LINKING – Organic peroxides are used for the cross-linking of various types of polymers, such as SILICONE, EPDM, EPM, IIR, ECO, EPR, NR, NBR, BR, SBR, SSBR, ABS, EVA, SBS, SIS, POE, UP, PU in applications, as follows:

  • Insulation and cover of wires and cables;
  • Cross-linked linings and profiles in bath or salt or steam;
  • Cross-linked linings and profiles in hot air tunnel (exclusive Retilox technology);
  • Hoses and tubes, free of extractive materials, in high temperatures (158ºC);
  • Soles, insoles, mid-soles, microporous, compacted or expanded sandals;
  • Coating of cylinders;
  • Rotational molding;
  • Modified asphalts;
  • Medical articles, such as silicone tubes;
  • Expanded articles with closed cell structure;
  • Molded and injected articles in general.


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