Organic peroxides are currently used by the industry transforming plastomers and elastomers in cross-linking of different types of polymers replacing the conventional system via sulfur, for being less aggressive to the environment and achieve the strictest technical specifications imposed by the market.

They are products which decompose at a certain temperature, to generate free radicals with energy capable of creating polymeric radicals, and when they react with each other, they produce chemical bonds of carbon-carbon type, quite stable and resistant to heat, named “cross-links” or “cross-linking”.

From the thermal stability standpoint, cross-linking with organic peroxides, for having greater bonding strength, is much more stable than the binding of carbon/sulfur/carbon and gives good properties with regard to resistance to aging. But the bonds that are formed through the system via vulcanizing sulfur are of type C – S or C – S – C, and their binding energies tend to break or rearrange when the polymer is subjected to heat or mechanical stress.



  • Insulation and wire and cable covers (made with PE, EPM, EPDM, EVA, CPE, CR);
  • Fittings and cross-linked profiles in bath or salt (LCM) or steam (PE, EPDM, CR);
  • Fittings and cross-linked profiles in hot air tunnels (Retilox Technology);
  • Hoses and tubes, free of extractable materials at high temperatures (158ºC); for example, radiators in EPDM, NBR;
  • Soles, footwear insoles, mid-soles, sandals, microporous, compacted or expanded (EVA, PE, SBR, blends, etc.);
  • Cylinder coating (EPDM, NBR, silicone);
  • Rotational Molding (PE, EVA);
  • Modified asphalts;
  • Medical supplies, such as silicone tubes;
  • Expanded articles with closed cell structure (PE, EVA, CM);
  • Molded and injected articles in general.


Modified organic peroxides

Always a step ahead in innovation and R&D, Retilox continuously develops especially modified peroxides, that offer elastomer transformers the best physical properties in the artifact and productivity gains in relation to conventional organic peroxides (dicumyl 99% and BIS peroxide) and the vulcanization system by sulfur and accelerators.

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