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About us

RETILOX QUIMICA ESPECIAL LTDA. (RETILOX) created this Privacy Notice to clarify to interested parties and the website visitors of https://retilox.com.br, that we value the protection and privacy of your personal data.

If necessary, we will update or modify this Privacy Notice at any time, to adapt it to legislative or administrative changes and for security measure. 

Changes to this Privacy Notice will always be posted on this webpage. Thus, we advise you to check for updates whenever you come to browse here. Is it okay?

This notice has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13.709/18) – which is named as LGPD.

We exchange structure and resources, such as technology and systems. Therefore, for the purposes of this Privacy Notice, RECTILOX should be considered as the controller of your personal data.

Our main goal is to be close and support you preserving what is important to people, such as the protection of their personal data and their privacy, which have always been our commitments. Then, to better understand our obligations regarding your personal data, we present to you our Privacy Notice.

To whom does this privacy notice apply?

This Privacy Notice is for you, the data owner! Be a customer, employee, user, shareholder, or person somehow related to RECTILOX. Even if you are just visiting our website, this policy also applies to you.

Your privacy and the protection of your data are particularly important to us!

We value your privacy, the security of your information, and the preservation of your personal data. We take the necessary precautions to guarantee the protection of your personal data, confidentiality, and correct use of your personal data when you seek us out, use our services, purchase our products, or are our partner or supplier.

RECTILOX is built on the best security practices, always keeping the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data collected, and applying safeguards measures against misuse, unauthorized access attempts, fraud, damage, sabotage, and theft.

This Privacy Notice herein applies to the Processing of Personal Data collected in Brazil, regardless of whether the processing takes place in Brazil or abroad.

Stay tuned!

In order for us to ensure your privacy, information security, and personal data protection, you must also take the following precautions:

Our Commitment

We are crystal clear with you! We decide how and why we use your personal data as a data processing agent, and you can access this information if you wish.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the data we collect and use, ensuring the ethical, transparent, and responsible handling of your personal data throughout its life cycle.

When and how do we collect your data?

We collect data from your first interactions with RECTILOX to better understand you and provide you with a superior experience.

In some situations you provide us with your personal data and in others it is obtained directly by RECTILOX.

You provide us with your data when:

We collect your data when:

What do we use your data for?

RECTILOX uses your personal data only for legitimate, lawful, and business-related objectives, always in accordance with current legislation and good market practices. In this way, we seek:

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data, according to the LGPD, are those that reveal a person’s racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, union membership, genetic issues, biometrics, or information about their health or sexual life.

RETILOX may use sensitive data such as:

. The photograph of your face when you send us on a resume;

. Your image on our CCTV system;

. The photograph of your face and your digital if you provide us with a copy of your ID for registration of a contract;

. etc.

Whenever possible, this treatment will be minimized and when necessary it will have an extra attention in terms of Information Security.

Data processing table – Retilox website

Data processed on this website, classified by purposes, category and sharing:

PurposeCategory of Personal DataSharing of Personal Data
E-mail registration to receive Retilox News (“HOME ” page)Identification (name)Contact (e-mail)RDStation
Provision of information requested through the receipt of completed forms through the Retilox website (“HOME ” page)Identification (name)Professionals (company, business segment)Contact (phone, e-mail)Other non-sensitive personal data (subject, message)
Information on a market segment of interest is provided upon receipt of filled forms via the Retilox website (“APPLICATION SEGMENTS” page).Identification (name)Professionals (company, market segment of interest)Contact (phone, e-mail)
Provision of additional information on the requested product lines by receiving completed forms through the Retilox website (“PRODUCT LINE” Page)Identification (name)Professionals (Company, product line you want to know about)Contact (phone, e-mail)Other non-sensitive personal data (subject, message)
Support via WhatsAppIdentification (name)Contact (email, WhatsApp number)WhatsAppOther Meta group companies
Addition to the Retilox LinkedIn networkPersonal data available on the applicant’s personal pageLinkedIn
Follow Retilox on LinkedInPersonal data available on the applicant’s personal pageLinkedIn
Access and interactions through Retilox’s YouTube pagePersonal data of user registration on YouTubeOther non-sensitive personal data (interactions, including comments, “likes,” “dislikes”, shares)YouTube
Subscription on the Retilox YouTube pagePersonal data of user registration on YouTubeYouTube
Download for free our e-books ex. “7 MOTIVOS PARA SUBSTITUIR O SISTEMA DE VULCANIZAÇÃO VIA ENXOFRE E ACELERADORES” (“7 REASONS TO REPLACE THE VULCANIZATION SYSTEM VIA SULFUR AND ACCELERATORS”) (webpage https://materiais.retilox.com.br/)Identification (name)Contact (e-mail)Professional (segment of activity, number of employees, form of activity)RDStation

Your data, your rights

At RECTILOX, you have control over your personal data. We provide you with a service channel via a website form (https://retilox.com.br/contato) or email dpo@retilox.com.br so that you can easily and quickly seek information and exercise rights such as:

Allow us to clarify all your doubts, but in case you are still dissatisfied with the way we handle your information, you have the right to file a complaint with the ANPD – National Data Protection Authority, as follows: 


Holders under the age of 18

Our websites, products, and services are not meant for children or adolescents, unless otherwise stated (under the age of 18).

RETILOX takes care of your data

Our processes are constantly adjusted to use only the necessary information.

We repudiate and do not authorize the processing of data for discriminatory, unlawful or abusive purposes.

Through a continuous awareness and training program, we spread the culture of privacy, information security, and data protection throughout the company.

We monitor the use of personal data and analyze suspicions of improper treatment under the legal and disciplinary aspects.

We adopt internal processes and policies that ensure compliance with standards and good practices related to the protection of personal data.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We may share your personal data with service providers to assist us in the distribution of goods and services that you may contract for, to perform some activity complementary to the business we conduct, or to improve or enable some ancillary activity to our business.

We still may continue to share your personal information with regulatory bodies, supervisory bodies, other authorities and official bodies, or audit companies in order to comply with current laws or satisfy legal requirements.

We only exchange data with third parties that are required for the completion of the activities and in accordance with safeguards and good practices.

Use of solutions such as Google Advertising ID or Analytics

Some sharing with third parties occurs through the use of new technologies, such as Google Ads or Analytics, where data about how you use our website is used. We make certain that no transactional information is disclosed.

This information is used to make a more suitable offer to you, to determine whether our product meets your requirements, to better understand your expectations so that we can improve our products and services, and to keep us on your mind.


Cookies are small text files generated during your internet browsing, which are used by us for authentication, security and personalization of customer service.

Further details can be found in our Cookie Policy (https://retilox.com.br/cookies)

Thank you!

Thank you for reading our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. It has been designed with the aim of being as useful, transparent and simple as possible.

Our intention is to ensure respect for your interests and to maintain an ethical, responsible and diligent relationship with you.

We are available to clarify any questions you may have or serve as a channel for rights requests through our service channels. Or even through direct contact with the responsible person (DPO).

We also ask that you visit us from time to time, as we will post updates to this policy whenever it may be necessary.

Thank you!

Responsible for the processing of personal data

Our CNPJ (Taxpayer Identification Number) is 68.966035/0001-13 and we are located at Rua Porto Alegre n⁰ 240, Fazendinha, Santana do Parnaíba-São Paulo.