Founded in 1992, RETILOX Química is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in the manufacture of special cure systems based on organic peroxides and unique additives for curing/modification of different types of polymers. A leader in technologies for cross-linking, RETILOX has an immense know-how in the development of excellent cost effective solutions to plastomer and elastomer transformers, currently supplying customers in over 10 countries in Latin America, products that offer huge gains in productivity and quality.


RETILOX aims to develop special solutions for cross-linking, geared to plastomer and elastomer transformer markets, respecting the most stringent technical standards in the industry, offering exclusive products that do not harm the ecosystem and human health. It is an innovative company and its Department of Research and Development works aimed at the future, always seeking to improve the products and processes of its customers, thus benefiting all end-users of rubber and plastic artifacts. RETILOX pursues every day for excellence in everything it does, putting into practice its vision of becoming a world reference in the development/supply of modified organic peroxides and special solutions for cross-linking.

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