INJECTED EVA – Retilox offers excellent options for replacement of EVA injected by poured EVA with numerous advantages, enabling the production of EVA artifacts with higher productivity, better quality and overall cost savings.

 Some advantages of using EVA Revolution® Technology:

  • Reduces EVA curing time from 360 seconds to less than 180 seconds;
  • Possibility of increasing the use of high viscosity rubbers in blends with EVA, since it is not possible in the injection system due to limitations in conventional extruders;
  • Possibility to produce artifacts with more than two colors;
  • Near total elimination of the process losses, obtaining better physical properties in the artifacts, since the poured one does not pass through posterior shearing, not causing pre-cross-linking in the gun as in the direct injection system;
  • Less unit operations when compared to the direct injection process, allowing the optimization of factory space, in addition to reducing the quantity of materials in the weighing;
  • Reduction in the consumption of material, since the formation of the “injection branch” does not happen;
  • Elimination of all variations by injection control, flow rate, injection speed, among others;
  • Reduction in the consumption of electricity, as it does not need the injectors;
  • Easy to produce the poured one in conventional equipment (rubber presses), with slight adjustments.

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