EVA INJECTION – Retilox offers excellent options for EVA injection, with products that add productivity, quality and cost-benefit to transformers.

RETILOX DCP 40 SAP – odorless dicumyl peroxide offers excellent productivity (about 30% over conventional Bis), safer scorch and better physical characteristics such as abrasion and bonding.

RETILOX D 40 INJECT F – odorless, ultra-fast dicumyl peroxide with excellent productivity and low cost.

RETILOX BIS F0 SB – exclusive modified dialyzed peroxide with excellent productivity, odorless and without blooming.


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Other innovative Retilox solutions:

Bis peroxide Without Blooming

Organic Peroxide

Dicumyl Peroxide

Rubber Cross-linking

Polymers Cross-linking

Advantages of Peroxodic Curing

Injected EVA

Additives for Rotational Molding

Increased PP Fluidity

Index PP Fluidity

Increased PE Fluidity


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