Dicumyl Peroxide is an organic dialkyl peroxide commonly used for cross-linking/curing of elastomers and plastomers, as well as being used as a polymerization initiator for polystyrene and as a curing agent for unsaturated polyesters.

As a replacement for sulfur, it is the curing agent most commonly used in the most diverse rubber industries; when there is no need to produce odorless artifacts, for having a good cure speed and mainly low cost when compared to other types of organic peroxides.

Characteristics of conventional dicumyl peroxide

Main characteristics:

  • Good cross-linking/curing speed;
  • High cross-linking/curing yield;
  • Characteristic odor in the product;
  • Good safety to pre-cross-linking/curing;
  • Maximum mixing temperature: 135ºC;
  • Ideal cross-linking temperature: 179ºC;
  • Stable peroxide.

Modified dicumyl peroxides

A Retilox, através de seu contínuo investimento em P&D e pioneirismo no desenvolvimento de Peróxidos Orgânicos Modificados, oferece grades de Peróxidos de Dicumila especiais, que substituem o Bis Peróxido com produtividade superior a 30% em relação ao Bis Convencional e principalmente eliminando o odor característico do Peróxido de Dicumila convencional a 40% ou 99%.

Confira abaixo alguns de nossos grades especiais:

Retilox, through its continuous investment in R&D and pioneering the development of modified organic peroxides, offers special dicumyl peroxides grades, which substitutes the BIS peroxide with productivity above 30% in relation to the Conventional Bis, mainly eliminating the characteristic odor of the conventional dicumyl peroxide at 40% or 99%. Check out some of our special grades below:

RETILOX DCP 40 SAP – odorless dicumyl peroxide offers excellent productivity (about 30% over conventional Bis), safer scorch and better physical characteristics such as abrasion and bonding.

RETILOX D 40 INJECT F – odorless, ultra-fast dicumyl peroxide with excellent productivity and low cost.

RETILOX DCB 40 – dicumyl peroxide for general use with excellent productivity, odorless and without blooming.

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