ADVANTAGES OF PEROXODIC CURING – The constant and rapid technological advance, coupled with increasingly rigid specifications and greater awareness of toxicological problems, it has led the plastics and rubber processing industry to rapidly replace the conventional vulcanization of elastomers and plastomers via sulfur and accelerators with cross-linking/curing by organic peroxides.

Peroxides and their decomposition products are non-toxic and meet the requirements of industrial hygiene, in addition to adding better mechanical properties to the artifacts and productivity to the transformers, as follows:

  • Possibility of blend between polymers;
  • Better resistance to permanent deformation;
  • Special types resistant to oxygen;
  • Better resistance to aging;
  • High thermal resistance;
  • Excellent stability of ready compound;
  • Brighter colors and whiter white;
  • Non-staining characteristics;
  • Fast vulcanization cycles;
  • Better mass homogeneity;
  • Possibility to accelerate directly in the bambury;
  • Significant reduction of mass mixing items;
  • Economy due to absence of pre-vulcanized masses;
  • Reduction of items in stock;
  • Optimization and higher productivity;
  • Cross-linked parts can be recycled without cryogenic or autoclaving;
  • Minor overall costs.

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