1st Peroxides Crosslinking Seminar / SP

Absolute success

The second event of the 1st Peroxides Crosslinking Seminar happened on November 13 / 2017.
the venue chosen for the event  was the Milenium Convention Center, in Vila Mariana, São Paulo.

Organized by Borracha Atual Magazine, the Seminar was a special event in commemoration of the 25 years of Retilox Química and focused on the possibilities of application of peroxides, as well as on the breakdown of myths and paradigms.
Renowned professionals such as Antonio D’Angelo – Retilox Química; Antonio José Colombo Jr. – Horizon Rubbers; Marco Antonio Cardello – Magma-Mix; Ralph Böhm – Kuraray; Profº Valdemir José Garbim, José A. Vizagre – Retilox Química and Luciano Vicente – LV Consultoria e Representação, presented the following topics: Modern Healing Systems Peroxides Base with reduction of overall costs, Advantages of the use of peroxides in natural rubber, Breaking paradigms – Peroxides versus Sulfur, (Liquid Rubber) as co-agent for EPDM, peroxide cure, Duminum Peroxide, Polymer Reaction, New Peroxide Generation and its behavior in dynamic tests and Fluoro-Elastomers Cured with Peroxides.

Following the lectures, after the lectures, there were honors from Retilox to the lecturers, giving each of them a recognition plaque, for their admirable dedication to seek innovations and solutions to the field of peroxide reticulation.

The ABTB, Brazilian Association of Rubber Technology was present by drawing a book from Professor Elyo Caetano Grison and an invitation to the 17th Brazilian Congress of Rubber Technology that will happen in June 2018.

The closing took place at the end of the afternoon, with a cocktail party.
One of the post event actions was sending certificates to all attendees.

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